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JAY textscore:4.5 / 52024-01-26
The hotel is convenient, clean and tidy
Bostonianscore:5.0 / 52024-01-23
The hotel has superior geographical location and comfortable living environment. The apples sent to the room every day are very considerate, the air swimming pool is also very good, and the steak in the prince's grilling room is excellent.
Jordanscore:5.0 / 52024-01-20
As always, as long as you come to the ancient town, you can live here!
MacSilverscore:3.8 / 52023-12-29
More modern business rooms would be better
MonsterXuscore:5.0 / 52023-12-02
The swimming pool of the hotel is very clean. Next to the central area of the ancient town, there is a shopping center, KFC pizza and so on
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