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jinxiasscore:3.0 / 52022-09-30
The hotel is OK, but when you eat in the hotel, you have checked out, but after a while, the waiter will say something. If you don't check out, you need to pay. I feel very speechless about this practice of the hotel??. This has a great impact on the image of the hotel.
jamstevenscore:4.3 / 52022-09-30
Just inside the lights, the hardware was ok, the service attitude was a little lacking
terrydong007score:4.3 / 52022-09-28
Not bad
bulardoscore:5.0 / 52022-09-16
The hotel is very good. There are no good hotels in the whole ancient town. The Chinese restaurant here is good.
c740314score:4.3 / 52022-09-12
Pretty good overall
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